Why need to learn Parimatch Aviator tricks? The reason is that winning in Aviator is not just a matter of luck. Parimatch, as an Aviator platform, guarantees an honest, quality gambling experience with the ability to extend your bankroll with juicy promos.
However, your chances in the crash slot will increase if you add a few simple rules to your winning strategy. The most effective of them are gathered in our ultimate guide on Aviator tips for 2024.

What Is Aviator Parimatch?

What is Aviator and how to start playing on Parimatch

Aviator appeared in the era of slot weariness. At that time, many innovative studios started their activities, and their key goal was to create an alternative to online slot machines and traditional table games to entertain gamblers.

Spribe was one of those studios, and their unique creation – the Aviator game – was a real success. The game combines original gameplay, the simple interface of a mini-game, easy rules, and great winning potential. So, Aviator was initially destined to become a casino hit. At present, you can play loads of crash analogs, but none can compete with Aviator in popularity.

Aviator Gameplay

A good way to reveal the most significant Parimatch Aviator tricks is to present the game’s basics. The crash slot consists of endless rounds pushed on the game’s server. You, together with other players, can join any. As soon as you do this, you see the Aviator interface.

It is deliberately made minimalistic. All you see is a kind of radar. The game begins with a crimson-red plane starting off from the zero point and flying upwards. The more it climbs through the dark skies, the higher the multiplier becomes.

Sooner or later, the airplane flies away. The multiplier fixed at this moment is the highest coefficient that can be applied to a user’s bet. However, they won’t necessarily win.

You should enter the game with a real cash bet (or two) before the plane starts off. Your goal is to collect it before the aircraft flies away. Only in this case will you receive a prize. Its size will equal your bet multiplied by the exact multiplier registered at the moment of the cashout.

How to Bet on Parimatch Aviator

You need an active account and a positive balance to enjoy Aviator for real money. Take these steps to make your first wager on the game:

Account Access

Sign up or log in to your existing account at Parimatch.

Launch Aviator

Go to the Casino section and launch Aviator.

Place Bets

The current round will start automatically. Place a bet or bets before the flight begins. The accepted stakes range from $0.10 to $100.00.

Watch Multiplier

Observe the multiplier, and collect your wager(s) before the round finishes.

Win Collection

If you cash out on time, your wins are added to your balance immediately. If you fail to collect your bets before the crash, you lose.

You can play as many rounds as you wish. If you place a bet after the round begins, your wager will participate in the following round.

Best Strategies for Aviator Parimatch

List of the best strategies for playing Aviator on Parimatch India

Now you know how to play Aviator, it’s time to learn the best Aviator tips that can help you raise the winning potential and minimize the risk of losing your bet. Let’s start with the gameplay-based strategies.

Single/Double Bet

The game supports the Double-Bet option, which might be one of the simplest Parimatch Aviator tricks you should bear in mind. The idea is that you can place two bets at once and thus double your chances.

Surely, you’ll win more if you collect both stakes in time. This might not be the best advice for beginners since double betting requires double attentiveness. However, if you have practiced Aviator enough, you can apply this option to extend your odds.

Auto Collect

You see, cashing out at the proper time is crucial for your wins. One more basic tip is to use the Auto-Collecting option. You can fix the multiplier size at which your stakes will be collected automatically.

The Auto mode won’t guarantee a win, but – if you fix the cashout odds reasonably – you can ensure more winning chances. Again, the option is for advanced players. However, beginners can use it for one of their stakes if they prefer Double-Bet.

These were in-game tips based on the Aviator gameplay. Yet, you can move a step forward by applying other betting strategies to your real sessions. Let’s observe the top popular Aviator tips of this sort.

Slow Uplift Technique

Aviator multipliers can achieve truly massive values. However, it happens not as often as gamblers desire. So, the safest playing mode is to wager small bets and cash them out on initial multipliers. The below table shows how this system may work:

BetsCashout oddsWins

In this three-stage example, we define $5 as our basic bet. We collect our bet on very low multipliers lying in the range of 1.10x-1.30x. Every time you win, you raise our wager by the amount won in the previous session. Yet, it’s up to you to define how to increase your stakes and which odds to choose.

After we complete these three sessions and win, we restart from stage 1. If we lose, we double our stake and continue betting. Pay attention that you can create your own system with a convenient number of stages as well.

Martingale System

An effective way to reduce the risk of losing much money is the Martingale Aviator strategy. If you follow it, you need to start with a minimum stake, for instance, one dollar. Every time you win, you should drop to the initial bet. If you lose, you should double it. An example of rounds based on the Martingale system is displayed below:

BetsOddsWin or Lose?
$12.50xWin: $2.50
$42.50xWin: $10.00

Here, we have wagered a total of $8. At the end of round 4, we gained a total of $12.50, thus covering our losses and having a profit of $4.50. When you deal with Martingale, it is reasonable to collect your wagers on higher multipliers.

Anti-Martingale System

As the name suggests, we must take the opposite steps when using the Anti-Martingale strategy. That is, we will double our stake after every success. Every losing round will be followed by halving our actual stake.

D’Alembert System

The D’alembert Aviator strategy suggests wagering in the way prescribed by the Martingale system. Again, we will decrease our stakes after winning rounds and increase them after we lose. However, we bet smaller amounts here.

BetsOddsWin or Lose?
$202.50xWin: $50.00
$102.50xWin: $25.00
$202.50xWin: $50.00

In this 5-stage example, we wagered $70 and won $125. So, the D’Alembert system offers an even more secure betting mode than Martingale.

Paroli System

One more Aviator strategy designed to minimize losses is the Paroli system. Here, you also need to define a basic stake. You have to double it after a successful round. Yet, the key rule here is to drop to the initial stake amount after three consecutive wins.

BetsOddsWin or Lose?
$101.30xWin: $13.00
$201.30xWin: $26.00
$401.30xWin: $52.00

In the session displayed in the example, our next move is to wager the initial $10 since we won thrice. The Paroli strategy requires that a player starts with their basic bet after every loss.

Fibonacci System

An original but still simple system is Fibonacci. The idea is to increase your bet until you win. Each new stake should represent the sum of the previous two stakes. The sequence must look like this:


Imagine we decide to start with a $10 stake. Then, an Aviator session may include the following rounds:

BetsOddsWin or Lose?
$503.50xWin: $175.00

You see, we suffered a losing streak but continued increasing our wagers. At the end of round 5, we lost $120 but won $175! So, this strategy comes in handy when planning to collect your bets on riskier multipliers. It can protect you against huge losses if a losing streak happens.

1 3 2 6 System

Another interesting technique is offered by the 1-3-2-6 Aviator strategy. Here, you define the basic stake and then increase it by 3, 2, and 6 in case you win all the three rounds:

BetsOddsWin or Lose?
$52.50xWin: $12.50
$152.50xWin: $37.50
$102.50xWin: $25.00
$52.50xWin: $12.50

The initial bet should follow every losing round. So, our total wager in this model session is $70, while our total win is $87.50. The profit is not very impressive. Still, we covered our losses anyway.

Outline Recommendations on Aviator Strategies

Although any of the above-explained Parimatch Aviator tricks may help you win more and lose less, you should remember that any of them can fail as well. None of these strategies guarantees a 100% win.

This is especially true when using higher stakes and cashing out on high multipliers in Aviator. The game has an excellent RTP of 97%, but gambling is gambling. So, most of the existing strategies won’t cover your losses if you experience a long losing streak.

Tips and Tricks for Aviator Parimatch Game

Useful tips and tricks to successfully play Aviator at Parimatch online casino site

Have you picked a workable Aviator strategy for your real cash sessions at Parimatch? Still, it’s not enough, and the most important step you need to take is to work out your own strategy. It should represent a combination of rules that will secure your wins. Here are the essentials every Aviator player must apply to their own Aviator technique.

#1 Understand the Game

Knowing how it all works in Aviator is crucial. It is recommended that all new players observe several real-time rounds without entering the game with real bets. This will let them see how much time they have before the rounds start, how long the aircraft tends to stay in flight, etc.

A nice way to explore the game is to play a free Aviator game. Thus, you can try to cash out on time with your own hands. You can experiment with extra options, bet sizes, and multipliers. Only after your skills are honed can you proceed with real money gaming of Aviator.

#2 Stay within Your Budget

Aviator is a super-exciting game of chance. Still, you need to control your emotional state and be able to play with a carefully prepared budget. This should be a sum that you can lose without grave damage to your financial situation.

Once you have defined the sum, you can wager on your Aviator session, stay within the predetermined limits, and never exceed them. One more important rule is that you should never chase losses. Gambling should bring you pleasure. It should not overstrain you.

#3 Scale up Slowly

Among our Aviator tips, one of the most crucial rules is to wager reasonably. The best strategy here is to start with truly small stakes. We also recommend using the so-called “flat strategy,” the idea of which is to bet 1-5% of your bankroll. That is, if you plan a $100 budget for your sessions, your basic wager should not exceed $1.

As soon as you win a certain amount, you can scale up your basic bets according to your actual bankroll. You can also use the above-mentioned strategies to regulate your wagers knowingly, thus minimizing the risks of big losses.

#4 Observe Live Statistics

Even observing Aviator sessions may provide you with loads of useful information about the game. First of all, you can trace the recent odds line shown in the upper part of the game’s interface. You can analyze the current patterns and adjust your betting strategy accordingly.

On the right, there’s a dynamic list of the recent wagers placed by other players. You can observe the size of their wins as well as the corresponding multipliers. Here, you can check your bets and winnings, too.

#5 Join Aviator Community

One of the most effective Aviator tips is to follow the Aviator community and communicate with other players. Such an approach is not only fun, but it also can be informative. Real players with more experience in Aviator can share helpful insights with you.

They may have tried several winning strategies and can give you indispensable hints about the one you are planning to apply to your first sessions for real money. You can also share your own tricks with starter players as soon as you have enough practice.

Parimatch Aviator Demo Version

Demo version of the Aviator game at Parimatch online casino site

Parimatch belongs to the top gambling sites with premium-class services. One of its options is demo gaming, which can be used to smoothen your knowledge of the Aviator game. Its free version is available to all visitors. You simply need to tap ‘Demo’ in its icon to start playing with a virtual bankroll.

If you are a beginner, demo gaming should be your #1 Aviator strategy. It will let you explore the gameplay and try all its options with your own hands. Thus, you can master your skills without spending a cent!

Can Aviator Parimatch Be Hacked?

Is it possible to hack Aviator on Parimatch with the help of software?

While the most frequent Aviator multipliers fall between 2x and 5x, the highest one may reach the amount of 1,000,000x. However, when will it happen? Aviator offers superb winning potential, but it remains a risky game. The more you wager and the higher multiplier you expect, the higher the risks. These ideas make gamblers search for various hacking strategies.

As a result, you may quickly find yourself searching for special equipment designed to hack the Aviator game. Surely, you are not alone, and such a vivid interest attracts all sorts of fraudsters already selling their “Aviator predictors” and similar software on the Internet.

Aviator Outcome Technology

The game’s interface allows you to observe the recent results and closing multipliers, and you can use these statistics as one of the Parimatch Aviator tricks in your own winning strategy. In other respects, the game is unhackable. It is based on a promising provably fair technology – an effective alternative to the RNG tech, ensuring 100% random outcomes in every Aviator session. Thus, the tech guarantees fair gambling to users.

The provably fair technology is based on complex cryptographic algorithms. Simply put, the multiplier at which the plane flies away is not generated on the game’s servers. In fact, the players participating in the actual Aviator session generate it. More precisely, the first three users who placed their bets in the actual round, together with the game’s operator, define the round’s outcome. So, there’s no way for any third parties to influence the outcomes.

Moreover, the honesty of the results can be checked by every user. The option is available in the History menu. Finally, you can participate in generating the outcomes as well. For this, you need to be among the first three users with bets in the actual Aviator round.

Is There a Real Predictor to Hack Aviator?

The above explanation of the provably fair technology shows that no one can predict the outcomes in Aviator. So, all predictors and hacking instruments offered online are not workable Aviator strategies but cheating. People who sell them on the Internet and ‘guarantee 100% correct results’ are fraudsters.

So, if you choose to deal with any of them, you’ll simply waste your money on useless ‘programs.’ Unfortunately, that’s not all. Most means offered as ‘Aviator hacks’ can be dangerous. Using them may result in your personal data leakage and other threats.

What about Parimatch Aviator Signals?

Aviator signs - worth using when playing on Parimatch website

One more ‘option’ is the so-called Aviator signals. You can find piles of channels on Telegram where such signals are shared. There’s also a variant when you need to download and install specific software on your device to receive ‘sure-shot signals’ for hacking Aviator.

On the Internet, you can read a lot about ‘unique technologies’ used to create the signals and ‘detailed analysis’ made before sending you Aviator signals. Nevertheless, they all are cheating, too. Like any Aviator predictor, this type of software is useless and may even be harmful to players’ accounts and devices. So, one more rule to add to your Aviator strategy is never to buy any predictors or signals.

Download the Aviator Parimatch App

How to download Parimatch application and start playing Aviator

Wish to play Aviator on the go? Parimatch has good news for you. The bookmaker offers a quality application for casino gaming and sports betting on mobile devices. It is available for modern iOS and Android gadgets. The app download and usage are free of charge.

If you install the Parimatch app on your gadget, you’ll be able to enjoy the Aviator game just the same way as you would in the desktop version. Do not doubt that the game will load fast and run without glitches. You can expect to see the same interface and all the options supported. So, with an adequate winning strategy for Aviator, you’ll be able to win huge on the Parimatch app as well.

How to Get the Parimatch App for Your Device?

The application has two versions: applications for iOS and Android. Both are legal products with proper certificates. So, you can download a suitable variant for your iOS or Android device right from the Google Play Market or App Store, respectively. The process is effortless:

Official Site/App

Open the official Parimatch Website or App Store on your device.

Select Parimatch

Pick the Parimatch app.

Install App

Tap the ‘Install’ button.


The app will be downloaded and set up on your gadget in no time.

After the installation is finished, you can create an account on the app. If you are an existing client, sign in with your login.

System Requirements

Parimatch applications are compatible with tons of gadgets. Still, we recommend learning the minimum system requirements before downloading the software onto your device:

Type of DeviceSupported OS VersionApp Size
Android8.0+18 Mb
iPhone14.0+133 Mb
MacOS11.0+133 Mb

Have an older version of OS? Do not worry. Parimatch offers a top-advanced mobile version of its site. It is compatible with any gadget and can be used in whatever browser available on your smartphone or tablet. The Aviator gameplay will remain the same.

Responsible Gaming

Responsible game for Aviator fans on Parimatch website

Gambling is an exciting activity. However, you should be careful with it so that you do not harm your finances or personal life. In today’s reality, top gambling sites participate in the Responsible Gaming programs and provide users with various tools designed to keep their gambling sessions healthy.

Parimatch is one such platform. It allows players to control their gaming activities by using the following features:

  • My Transactions: Here, you can observe detailed reports about your wins and losses.
  • Deposit Limits: You can impose limits on your top-ups to not exceed the predefined budget.
  • Time Matters: This option will let you regulate the amount of time you spend on gambling.
  • Product Restrictions: You can prohibit access to certain sections on the site, for instance, Sports, Casino, etc.
  • Self-Exclusion: You can close your account on a temporary or permanent basis.

Parimatch also offers a blog and the Safer Gambling page. Here, you can find useful hints on how to gamble responsibly. You can also find links to sites where you can get professional help.

Playing reasonably is an essential rule in every Aviator strategy. So, make sure to use the Parimatch Responsible Gaming features to ensure secure sessions for you on the platform.


What Is the Best Aviator Strategy?


The choice of an Aviator strategy is personal. It depends on your betting preferences. If you only start to play Aviator, stick to the safest techniques, like the flat strategy, D’Alembert, or Martingale.

Is There a Way to Hack the Aviator Outcomes?


The game is based on provably fair tech. Equipment that could let you hack the Aviator results does not exist so far.

How Can I Win in Aviator?


First, learn the gameplay. Use the Aviator demo for this purpose. Workable Aviator tips also include careful budgeting and exploring the game’s Live Statistics and History.